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Niurka and Juan Vidal unleash separation rumors and fans say: “Not that they were going to get married?” – Latest US News Hub

Niurka and Juan Vidal began their romance in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

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The controversial romance between Niurka Marcos Y John Vidal that began while both participated in ‘The House of the Famous’ could have come to an end, According to the rumors that continue to gain strength within social networks.

One of the couples that has given the most to talk about in recent months is the one formed by the Cuban vedette and Juan Vidal, who began their relationship before the cameras. And although when they left each one tried to continue with their lives separately, a short time later they reached an agreement in which they decided to continue their romance.

Although it was also said that the relationship between these two celebrities was a farce, it was last September when they announced their engagement and wedding plans during a trip they made to Machu Pichu, Peru, where the actor surprised the ex-Adventurer asking her to marry him with a matching bracelet and ring, a different idea that completely convinced her. They also pointed out that their union would be “more spiritual.”

However, rumors of a possible separation of the couple have gained strength within social networks, where his followers discovered that they have stopped following each other on their respective Instagram accountsdata that could be significant since by this means they presumed their romance and heated moments that they lived in the Telemundo reality show.

Of course, the speculations became stronger and the users did not hesitate to share their opinion regarding the relationship of the actors, assuring that this was a courtship with no future.

“It’s pure show planned so that they are talking about them I had even forgotten that they existed”, “Not that they were going to get married?”, “It doesn’t take long for him to come out speaking ill of him”, “pure show“”, “That was not going anywhere”, “They are two super toxic people little by little someone believed that this was going to last“, wrote some users.

It should be noted that the suspicions grew even more because they have no longer been seen together, since during recent meetings with the press each one has appeared separately.

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Niurka and Juan Vidal unleash separation rumors and fans say: “Not that they were going to get married?”



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