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‘No Indian soldier will be present in Maldives after May 10’, said Moijju – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu.

Maldives News: Relations between India and Maldives have turned sour. This sourness has come after the election of Mohammad Moizzu as President in November last year. Relations between the two do not seem to be improving. President Mohammad Muizzu has once again made a venomous attack against India on Tuesday. He said that after May 10, Indian soldiers will not be present in Maldives in any guise, be it civilian attire or military uniform. Moijju said this while responding to some speculations.

Muizzu’s statement comes at a time when the first team of Indian technical personnel has arrived in the island nation before the first batch of military personnel leaves the Maldives by March 10. According to a report, in an event, the President of Maldives said that many rumors are being spread and the situation is being distorted regarding the success of his government in expelling Indian troops from the country.

‘Don’t pay attention to things that raise suspicion’

Regarding this, a pro-Chinese leader said, ‘Some people say that Indian soldiers are not leaving, but they are returning after changing their uniforms into civilian clothes. On this I would like to say that we should not pay attention to such things which increase doubt in our hearts.

Maldives signs for free military aid from China

Moijju said, ‘After May 10, no Indian soldier will be present in the country. Neither in civilian clothes nor in military uniform. Indian Army will not remain in any kind of clothes in this country. I say this with confidence. After May 10, no Indian soldier will be present in Maldives. Neither in military uniform nor in civilian clothes. Moizzu said this at a time when his country recently signed an agreement with China to receive free military assistance.

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