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No third party is the target in relations with Maldives, China clarifies – India TV Hindi

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Chinese President Jinping and Maldives President Moizzu

China on Maldives: Ever since Mohammed Moizzu became the President of Maldives, tensions between China and Maldives have increased. Moijju is considered anti-India and supported by China. This is the reason why Moijju started spewing venom against India as soon as he became the President. He talked about the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives, which were deployed there for security for decades. After this, instead of making his first official visit to India, he made an official visit to China and told that he, breaking the traditions, gives priority to China instead of India.

Not only this, Moizzu had visited China and requested the Chinese government to send more tourists to Maldives. Moijju had made this request to China after India’s ‘Boycott Maldives’. Amidst all this, China had also said that if anyone attacks the sovereignty of Maldives, then China will stand with it. After making such misrepresentations, China is now making clever and tempting remarks. China has said that third parties are not the target in relations with Maldives. China said this while indirectly pointing towards India.

China will increase further cooperation with Maldives

China committed to building a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with the Maldives and said no third party is targeted in the normal cooperation between the two countries. China also said that due to the relations between Maldives and China, there will be no hindrance to third parties in this. Asked about China’s military agreement with the Maldives at a press conference here, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning referred the media to competent Chinese officials for details.

Chinese official said this while pointing towards India

‘Broadly speaking, China is committed to working with the Maldives to build a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership,’ he said. Without naming any country, Mao said, “During the normal cooperation between China and the Maldives, no third party is the target, nor should any third party disrupt it.”

China will provide free military aid to Maldives

China has signed a defense cooperation agreement with Maldives to provide free military assistance to promote stronger bilateral relations. After this Mao gave this reaction. A few weeks later, Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu had set a deadline for the first group of Indian troops to leave the Maldives, and Mao’s statement is being linked to India.

Moijju once again spewed venom against India

Earlier yesterday i.e. on Tuesday, President Mohammad Muizzu had once again made a venomous attack against India. He said that after May 10, Indian soldiers will not be present in Maldives in any guise, be it civilian attire or military uniform. Moijju’s statement comes at a time when the first team of Indian technical personnel has arrived in the island nation before the first batch of military personnel leaves the Maldives by March 10.

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