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North Korea Missile Test: Eliminate nuclear weapons will give money… South Korea trembled by North Korea’s missile test

Seoul: North Korea’s cruise missile test has sparked panic in South Korea. For this reason, South Korea is now calling for talks with its arch enemy country North Korea. Soon after the missile test, South Korean President Eun Suk-yol said talks with North Korea should not be done for political pretense, but should contribute to the establishment of peace. Yoon also assured financial aid to North Korea for talks. Despite this, North Korea, which is battling poverty and hunger, has not responded to the offer of talks. On Wednesday morning, North Korea fired two cruise missiles into the West Sea off Oncheon in South Pyongan province. Military officials of the US and South Korea are doing a detailed analysis regarding the range and strength of these missiles.

We are ready to provide financial aid to North Korea: South Korea
South Korean President Eun Suk-yol said on the completion of 100 days of his term that we are ready to provide phased economic assistance if North Korea eliminates its nuclear weapons. However, he did not openly mention North Korea’s latest missile test in his speech. Yoon also advocated talks with North Korea during his election campaign. He said that any dialogue between leaders of the South and the North, or between working-level officials, should not be a political show, but should contribute to the establishment of genuine peace in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.

Demand for nuclear weapons also rising in South Korea
Former South Korean President Moon Jae-in and former US President Donald Trump also held talks with Kim Jong Un regarding the denuclearization of North Korea. Nuclear disarmament talks stalled in 2019 despite meetings between these leaders, and North Korea has said it will not trade its self-defense. North Korea is demanding that the economic and military sanctions imposed on it should be abolished first. But, the US says that sanctions will continue if North Korea does not eliminate its nuclear weapons and continues such tests in the future.

North Korea did the last test on July 10
North Korea last conducted a missile test on July 10. Then North Korea fired heavily with rocket launchers. North Korea last tested cruise missiles in January. The North’s recent missile tests and nuclear developments are increasing the demand for a nuclear weapon for itself in South Korea as well. However, South Korean President Yoon said he is committed to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and is working with the US to promote extended deterrence for South Korea.




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