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Now China has offered investment to Bangladesh, public angry with officials

Chittagong Port : After the economic condition of Sri Lanka has deteriorated, now China wants to weave a web of its debt to Bangladesh. He wants to invest in the famous Chittagong port of Bangladesh. Chinese state companies have offered investment to Bangladesh and said that they will develop Chittagong port as a smart city. Along with this, a metro rail network will also be established there.

While listening to the offer made to Bangladesh, on the one hand, the officials have opposed it. At the same time, the regional public has also got agitated after hearing this offer. This offer is said to be very harmful for Chittagong port. On one hand there will be foreign investment and stake. At the same time, its construction will harm the environment of the port. People say that China has been trapping small developing countries like this in the name of debt. What he promises by making an offer. never fulfills it.

stake sought on sale of smart city plot

Chinese government companies have made it clear in their proposal that the plots that will be sold to build a smart city. Chinese companies will have to give a share out of its profits. Bangladesh experts have raised many questions on this share. This is the reason why no one in Bangladesh is happy with this offer.

will harm the environment

Experts of the Bangladesh government believe that China’s offer raises many doubts. On the one hand, big questions are being raised regarding profits. At the same time, there is a possibility of harm to the environment of the port due to the smart city project. Whereas Chinese companies say that they will convert Chittagong into a smart city by using modern technology. This will not cause any harm to the port’s environment. Keeping in mind the environment, smart city and metro rail network will be established.

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