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Online food delivery company will deliver hemp from door to door, customers will have menu, unique service started in this country

Toronto : The facility of online food delivery proved to be beneficial not only for the customers but also for many restaurants. Now its scope is increasing. An online food delivery company is going to deliver marijuana for the first time and the facility will be launched in Canada. People in Canada can now order marijuana online from the app. For this, when the driver arrives at their doorstep, customers will have to prove that they are at least 19 years old.

When ordering online, the menu will include many marijuana products, such as chocolates and candies. The online delivery company says it will provide a “safe and convenient” way to get marijuana that will eliminate the black market. Many people are supporting it, while some are against the use of marijuana. Researchers warn that repeated use of marijuana can impair brain development in youth.

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No intention of entering the US market
Its addiction can lead to the risk of depression or problems in career and relationships. Talking to DailyMail, the company said that they do not intend to enter the US market, where its use has been legalized in 19 states. Official estimates suggest that more than 48.2 million Americans consume marijuana each year. This figure has risen among young adults as 19 states have now legalized it for use.

IQ can be low
Marijuana is a narcotic substance that is consumed in the form of smoking or by taking a pill. Its excessive use affects the development of the brain and reduces IQ. In many cases, it also causes depression and other mental health problems. To take delivery in Canada, all customers must show their ID of which they must be at least 19 years of age.



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