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‘Our government’s priority to improve relations with India and China’, Nepali Congress leader’s statement

Nepali Leader On India-China: Senior Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said that Nepal will maintain good relations with India and China under the next coalition government led by Nepali Congress. Nepal needs to maintain balance in its foreign policy and if there are disputes with any neighbours, efforts will be made to resolve them through dialogue and democratic process.

“We will follow the non-aligned foreign policy. We will maintain good friendly relations with all countries including our neighbours, keeping in mind the national interest and welfare of the people,” Singh said in an interview to PTI. “We need help and cooperation from all friendly countries to achieve development and economic prosperity for our country,” he said.

Relations with the neighboring country will improve

During the Bilateral Relations 2020 between New Delhi and Kathmandu, Nepali Prime Minister K.K. P. Sharma had become tense during Oli’s government. Oli’s government came out with a new map in 2020 showing Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura as regions of Nepal. There have been frequent reports in the Humla district as well as in the international media about Chinese encroachment on Nepalese territory, which has often been denied by the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu.

“Our first target is to win the upcoming elections. The Nepali Congress will emerge as the single largest party in the upcoming parliamentary elections and will lead the new government,” Singh said.

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time has come for an economic revolution

Prakash Mann said, “Since the Nepali Congress drafted the peace process and the new constitution in 2015, now the time has come to bring about economic revolution with the help of proper working of the constitution and the Nepali Congress is ready to fulfill this responsibility. “

“We are going through an economic crisis and there is a need to bring economic prosperity. The Nepali Congress will focus its attention in that direction after the elections,” he said.

Elections in Nepal on November 20

Please tell that parliamentary elections are going to be held in Nepal on 20 November. Under this, 165 Members of Parliament will be elected through direct voting. This will be the second parliamentary and provincial-level election after the promulgation of the new constitution, which transformed the country into a federal democratic republic. The House of Representatives of Nepal has a total of 275 seats, out of which 165 members are directly elected and the remaining 110 are elected through a proportional voting system.

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