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Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa will not take extension, will retire after five weeks

Pakistan Army Chief: Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that he will retire in the next five weeks and will not seek extension. This information has been given by Pakistani Geo News. Qamar Javed Bajwa is going to retire in November 2022. After this statement of Bajwa, it became clear that he is no longer the Chief of Army Staff, so now all eyes are on who will be the next Army Chief.

On the other hand, PTI chairman Imran Khan had said that an election should be held in the month of October so that political opponents cannot choose the successor of the current army chief General Bajwa. Behind this, Imran believes that he can win if new polls are conducted and this can prevent his opponents from appointing a flexible army chief. Imran alleges that the government wants to make an army chief of its choice, so that it can cover up its corruption.

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Imran Khan in touch with army

Imran Khan’s anger is against the army that after bringing him to power in the year 2018, he snatched the chair of power from him last year. However, Imran Khan has maintained his ties with the army. According to reports, he is in direct contact with the ISI and senior army leadership. According to Islam Khabar, elections in Pakistan will be held in March 2023, four months before the scheduled time. It is being speculated that the formal announcement of the elections will be made in January 2023.

What does Imran Khan want?

Imran Khan would like to choose Bajwa’s successor for the next army chief of Pakistan. Imran wanted General Faiz Hameed to remain the ISI chief, but the army chief turned down the suggestion. Let us tell you that Faiz Hameed is one of the contenders to replace Bajwa in November. According to Islam Khabar, if the elections are announced today, then the election process may take at least 5 weeks.

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