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Pakistan Imran Khan: It is not good if he spoke against the Pakistani army… General Aseem Munir’s open warning to Imran Khan

Islamabad : Pakistan is ruled by the new army chief Asim Munir. He has reiterated the point of staying away from politics as Army Chief. Munir has declared that he will not compromise with the honor of the Constitution and the Army. In Pakistan, the army chief has direct interference in politics and government formation and many times the army has to face allegations regarding this. Recently, the Pakistan Army has repeatedly reiterated that it will stay away from politics. Munir’s announcement is also being seen as a warning to former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who has been attacking the army for the past several months.

Regarding the law on extension of service of the army chief, Munir said that the Parliament is free to take a decision on making the law. The matter is outside the jurisdiction of the army. He said the Army’s job is to share inputs with the government and follow their orders instead of giving orders. Aseem Munir said these things at the National Security Workshop of National Defense University at General Headquarters, Rawalpindi.

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Army’s role will be reduced in Balochistan
The workshop was specifically based on issues related to Balochistan, so most of the participants were from that province. During this, political matters and the role of the army were also discussed. Regarding Balochistan, he said that he would try to reduce the role of the army there. Munir’s statement that ‘the prestige of the army will not be compromised’ is a warning to Imran Khan.

army attack imran khan
Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has also warned Imran not to make any negative remarks against General Asim Munir. Since going out of power, Imran Khan has been targeting the Pakistan Army. One of the three people he accused of the murderous attack on him was a senior army officer. He had said that in the past the army, in collusion with people like the Sharif family, weakened independent institutions. They behaved as if they were ‘above the law’.

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