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Pakistan is not helping Palestine but Israel, sent cannon balls

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Pakistan is helping Israel, not Palestine

Neither friendship nor enmity with Pakistan is good. We are saying this because Pakistan is not anyone’s relative. In fact, Pakistan, which has always supported Palestine, has secretly sent bombs to Israel. Pakistan is among those Muslim countries which do not even consider Israel as a country. But now news is coming that Pakistan has sent cannon balls to Israel. It has been claimed in some reports that the cannon balls have been delivered to Israel through the RAF Akrotiri base. A post was shared on social media site X. It was told in this post that Pakistan has sent 155 mm artillery shells to Israel through the British Royal Air Force and the American Air Force. It is claimed that Pakistan sent these weapons to Israel through other countries. The Royal Air Force aircraft reached Noorkhan Airbase in Rawalpindi from Bahrain Airport. From here the aircraft reached Cyprus via Bahrain and then Oman. This weapon has been given to Israel through Cyprus.

Israeli newspaper’s big claim

Israeli newspaper Haaretz had also made a similar claim recently. The Israeli newspaper claimed, ‘More than 40 American transport aircraft, 20 British transport aircraft and seven heavy cargo helicopters have flown to the RAF Akrotiri base. Many other equipment including weapons are present in these planes. Haaretz further said that US planes landing at Nevatin Air Force Base near the Negev desert had delivered weapons to Israeli forces. Along with many important items, armored vehicles were also loaded in these planes. However, these reports have been denied by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry and the Pakistani government.

Secret relationship between Israel and Pakistan?

Actually, Pakistan is one of those countries which does not recognize Israel. There is also a warning on the back of the Pakistani passport, which reads – This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel. But Pakistan has a long history of reaching Israel through Turkey. In 2009, WikiLeaks claimed that the intelligence agency ISI had warned Israel about the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. ISI sent a message to Israel that a Jewish center in Mumbai would be targeted by terrorists. After the success of the Abraham Accords in 2020, former Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that apart from America, another country wants Pakistan’s relations with Israel to be normal.

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