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Pakistan News: Police cannot directly arrest Pakistani MPs, Speaker’s approval is mandatory before action

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Parliament on Thursday amended the rules to make it mandatory for the Speaker to approve the arrest of any MP. The National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament, approved amendments to the ‘Rules and Rules of Business, 2007’. The National Assembly, sharing its agenda on Twitter, wrote that under Rule 103, an MP was earlier required to be informed to the Speaker immediately after his arrest, but now it will be necessary to seek his approval first.

Speaker’s approval is now mandatory before arrest
In the new resolution, it will be mandatory to take the permission of the Speaker before arresting any MP in a criminal case and inform the Speaker what are the charges against the said MP and why he is being arrested. At the same time, after amendment in Rule 106, it has been proposed that “No member shall be arrested from the premises of Parliament/Assembly Building”.

Nawaz Sharif’s party had presented the proposal
According to the news of Dawn newspaper, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s MP Murtaza Abbasi had introduced the amendment proposal in the House. At the same time, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif proposed that by amendment it should be made mandatory for the Speaker or the Chairman of the Committee (Chairman/Chairman) to issue a production order for the MP who has been detained or arrested. According to Dawn, all three amendments were passed in the National Assembly.

Ruckus over arrest of MP for tweet against Army
A few days ago, an MP from Imran Khan’s party was arrested for tweeting against Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. After the arrest, PTI MP Azam Swati was beaten up by taking off her clothes. During the court appearance, the arrested MP had accused the police of committing excesses and assault.



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