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Pakistani musician played the tune of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ in celebration of India’s independence, video went viral

Independence Day 2022: India is celebrating its 76th Independence Day today (August 15). The whole country is immersed in the celebration of independence. The sound of patriotism is being heard on the tongue of every countryman. Every place in the village, city and town has become a national flag. Leaders of many countries sent wishes and congratulations on Independence Day to India. Former British PM Boris Johnson offered flowers at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in London. Also congratulated India on independence. Russian President Putin also congratulated on India’s Independence Day. Amidst all this, a post on social media from the neighboring country Pakistan is winning everyone’s heart.

Actually, Sial Khan, a Rabab singer from Pakistan, posted a video of him playing the Indian national anthem. In the video, Sial Khan plays ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on his Rabab, whose background shows calm mountains and greenery. Posting the video, he wrote, ‘Here is a gift for my fans across the border’. The musician said, ‘Happy Independence Day to India. I tried to play the national anthem of India as a symbol of friendship and goodwill for peace, tolerance and good relations between us.

Know what happens rabab
The Rabab is a stringed instrument, similar to a lute. It is very popular in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. On this Pakistani singer played the tune of the Indian national anthem. This video has gone viral on social media. It has been viewed more than 8,315K times on Twitter. Also 52.1K likes have been received. This video has been praised by the people of both India and Pakistan.

India celebrated independence day
At the same time, on Monday (August 1), PM Modi hoisted the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi and addressed the nation for the ninth time in a row. Prime Minister Modi greeted the people on the 76th Independence Day of the country. The celebration of August 15 is particularly important this year. Because it marks the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. On this occasion, the Government of India launched a tricolor campaign across the country under the Amrit Mahotsav program of Independence.

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