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Pakistan’s ‘future’ sinking in floods, about 16 million children affected

Pakistan Flood Crisis: You must have read and heard all the news about the terrible devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan. Due to this, Pakistan has suffered a loss of billions of rupees. Thousands of people have been killed. Countless houses have been washed away, the number of damages is increasing day by day. But in the midst of all this, another surprising information has come to the fore.

The United Nations has said that about 16 million children have been affected by the “super flood” in Pakistan, of whom at least 4 million are in need of life-saving medical help immediately.

UNICEF representative told

UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) representative Abdullah Fadil said in a statement on Friday after a two-day visit to the flood-affected areas that the situation in the flood-affected areas is very serious, there are malnourished children with diarrhea, dengue fever and many painful diseases. Suffering from skin diseases. It has taken the lives of about 528 children. “Each of these deaths is a tragedy that could have been avoided,” he said.

Schools, health facilities largely destroyed

Young children are forced to live in the open with their families without drinking water, food and livelihood. Children’s schools, health facilities and other things have been destroyed by the floods. However, in the midst of grief, he told a slight relief that even in this difficult time, there is a huge increase in support and assistance. Although this is much less than the loss.

Now the danger on the road saved from the flood

He told that people and children who have survived the flood are now facing another danger. Actually, many families have to take shelter on the roadside. Due to this there is always a possibility of accident with them. Apart from this, the fear of snakes and scorpions also remains in the open. UNICEF is doing everything possible to support affected children and families and protect them from the current risks of water-borne diseases, malnutrition and other risks, he said.

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