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Party bus sideswipes 13 cars in Lakeview, CPD says; Driver arrested – Latest US News Hub

Chicago (WLS) — Police have arrested a 45-year-old party bus driver after damaging 13 vehicles in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

Cell phone video shows the moments just before 3 pm when the driver forced the party bus to swerve through oncoming traffic on Broadway near Addison, then cut into the southbound lanes, deliberately sideswiping vehicles parked on the street.

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Jana Watson was in disbelief as she watched her blue Jeep get totaled.

“We were probably five feet away from the car when he came down the road, ripped my car window and ran into this car right here, that was it,” Watson said. “Then he hit him so bad that he kind of went backwards and then he hit the gas and that’s when he smashed the entire driver’s side of my car.”

Watson and her boyfriend were planning to attend a nearby Market Day festival before the incident happened. Robin Delgado and her family returned from the festival only to find their car damaged.

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“It’s pretty disturbing,” Delgado said. “It’s our first market day where we’re bringing the kids and it’s shocking to hear the music and come over it.”

The party bus was eventually stopped near Dussable Lake Shore Drive and Recreation Drive, Chicago police said. It was not immediately clear if anyone other than the driver was on the bus, but police said no one was injured.

The driver’s motive is unknown and charges are pending. Police have not released the name of the driver.

The owner of Party Bus Black Label Limos, released a statement on Sunday saying, “We, the owners of Black Label Limos, would like to make a statement regarding the situation that occurred yesterday with one of our party buses in Chicago. We would like to say first and foremost that we are incredibly grateful that no one was injured in this horrific accident. We are for any information regarding this situation. Just as interested, but unfortunately the Chicago PD has not released any more information to our owners than what the media has. We are learning all of our information from media sources. At this time we have not been able to contact the driver regarding yesterday’s incident. Basically the Chicago PD bus. Couldn’t tell us if the driver was injured, detained or in custody. We finally learned he was in custody through the media. In one of the numerous calls made to the Chicago PD yesterday evening, they finally told us the driver was not impaired, but they didn’t specify or elaborate. How did you make that determination. Unfortunately, we have no further information at this time.”

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Party bus sideswipes 13 cars in Lakeview, CPD says; Driver arrested

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