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People of Ukraine fed up with Russian attacks, huge crowd gathering in adult club, spending money on girls

Kyiv: Nine months of gruesome attacks by the Russian army are nearing completion and now the people of Ukraine are fed up with it. Alam is that people in Ukraine are going to strip clubs in large numbers even after the Russian attacks. Not only this, there has been a kind of flood of strip clubs all over Ukraine. These people are now resorting to adult clubs to relieve the stress of war. After the Russian attacks, many people have made it their business. One of these is the Open Presence Men’s Club in Kyiv.

The club is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 3 PM to 9 PM. A spokesperson said that the Princes Men’s Club will open its doors to the real joy of the world. We assure that will not disappoint you. Amir Hakimzade, a customer, asked whether this is a war. Another Sasha Nazarov said that I went to this club and I had a lot of fun. He said that everything in this club is good for me.
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‘Our girls are the hottest’
Nazarov said that the menu of this club, the whole team is very good, while the girls are super. If anyone wants to relax and enjoy dancing with the ladies, then Princess Club is the place to be. Another person Lionel said that now I have to take a plane to come back to Kyiv. The club offers private dances and topless shows only on the tables.

And another club 007 in Ukraine also opens every day at 5 in the evening and stays open till 9 in the evening. A spokesperson of this club said, ‘Our girls are the hottest. Come and see for yourself. This is the best place to spend the weekend. Another customer Sam Kalel said that I understand that the reason for this Ukraine war is your beautiful girls. The customer has to pay around 7 thousand rupees for the show with 4 girls here. Apart from the capital Kyiv, the strip club White Rabbit is also open in Lviv.



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