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People upset after Pakistani cricket team is out of World Cup

Pakistan Cricket Fan Reaction: Pakistan is almost out of the race for the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2023, as its next match will be against England with a huge margin of almost 300 runs, which seems impossible. On this issue, Pakistani YouTuber Sana Amjad went among the people and took their reaction.

Pakistani people were completely unhappy with the performance of Babar & Company. He is completely sad. Talking about Pakistan’s poor performance, an elderly Pakistani cricket fan expressed his disappointment and said that the Pakistani team has not played with full responsibility. Apart from this, the person said angrily that this team does not use its brain. I feel that when he returns, he should be welcomed with a garland of shoes.

Pakistan cricket team controversies
Pakistan cricket team could not perform credible in this entire World Cup. During this period, Pakistani cricket team has remained in the news more due to controversies than its game. Pakistani team management said during the World Cup that their players were not being given beef in their food, due to which their performance declined. Apart from this, Pakistan cricket team coach Mickey Arthur made absurd allegations and said that Dil-Dil Pakistan songs are not being played in the stadium, due to which the team is not able to perform on the field.

Tweet related to Israel-Hamas war
Pakistan players also appeared to be paying more attention to politics than their personal performance during the World Cup. Wicketkeeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan, who played an important role in achieving a spectacular victory by scoring a century in a match played with Sri Lanka, dedicated the victory to Palestine. Controversy arose regarding this matter also. According to a report, ICC ordered Rizwan to delete his tweets also. However, he refused to do so.

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