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People were troubled by louse even 3700 years ago, the secret of thousands of years old comb found in Israel

Historical Comb Found In Israel: An interesting news has come out from Israel. Here a team of archaeologists from Israel and America has found a comb made of ivory in southern Israel. This comb is said to be 3700 years old. A sentence is also written on this comb in Canaanite script. Experts say that it tells the secret of Caninite or Canaanite language. A complete sentence is written on this comb in this language.

That’s why this comb was used

Canaanite experts say that it is written on this comb that it can eliminate hair and beard lice from the root. There are 17 letters in this sentence. The team of scientists is very excited by the discovery of this historic comb and has now started looking for some more similar products there.

There was also subtle evidence of lice on the comb.

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Experts say that the discovery of this comb gives new information about the early use of the Canaanite alphabet, which was invented around 1800 BCE. After this the foundation of alphabet systems like Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Latin etc. was laid. At the same time, it is known from the sentence written on a different comb that people had a big problem of louse at that time. Archaeologists say that they have also found subtle evidence of louse on the comb.

Found something for the first time in the Canaanite language

In 2021, a professor at Israel’s Hebrew University saw small words engraved on the comb. An article about this discovery was also published in the Jerusalem Journal of Archeology on Wednesday. In addition to the Hebrew University, the team of Adventist University of America has played an important role in this whole search. Professor Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University says that this is the first time that any sentence in the Canaanite language has been found in Israel. There are Canaanites in the Garit of Syria, but they write in a different script, not the alphabet that is in use today. Canaanite cities are mentioned in Egyptian documents, the Amarna letters in Akkadian, and the Hebrew Bible. The comb inscriptions are living evidence of the use of the alphabet in everyday work from about 3700 years ago.

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