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Person reached coma for four weeks due to mosquito bites, survived after 30 operations, so dangerous are ‘Asian Tigers’

Berlin: If a dengue mosquito bites, then the platelets of a person start falling. Sometimes it becomes fatal. But have you heard about any such mosquito, whose bite can put a person in a coma? Don’t be surprised, it has happened. A mosquito bite left a man in a coma for four weeks in Germany. Doctors had to do several operations to save his life. But you must be thinking that which mosquito is this, which is so dangerous? The name of this mosquito is Asian Tiger Mosquito.

Sebastian Rotschke, a resident of Germany, was bitten by a mosquito in the summer of 2021. Initially he had flu-like symptoms. Since then he had to undergo several operations. During this, Sebastian was suffering from several problems including liver, kidney, heart and lung failure. There was an abscess on his left thigh, due to which the skin had to be transplanted. Sebastian replied to his problem that he was not abroad. If he has been bitten by a mosquito, he must have been bitten in Germany only.

thigh eaten by bacteria
Sebastian said that he initially felt like a fever, due to which he stayed in bed. It became difficult for him to go to the bathroom and he could not eat or drink anything. At one time he even felt that he might not survive anymore. One day suddenly he noticed that the left side of his pant was wet. A big boil had developed on his leg. A sample of his abscess was taken, which showed that he had a bacterium called Serratia marcescens, which had eaten away half of his thigh.

Had to be operated 30 times
When the doctors saw Sebastian’s condition, they immediately understood that he had been bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito, after which they called in the experts. Sebastian had to undergo more than 30 operations. Two fingers of his feet also had to be partially amputated. At present he is fine. He has warned about the dangers of the Asian Tiger Mosquito. He has advised people to go to the doctors immediately. A little trouble is better than a lot of trouble.

Asian tiger mosquitoes are dangerous
Experts in Germany have warned people about the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito in the Rhine-Main region. Asian tiger mosquitoes are known as wild mosquitoes. These mosquitoes bite during the day which can also transmit zoonotic diseases such as Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), Zika virus, West night virus, chikungunya and dengue.

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