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PLA will use civilian ships in war! Have preparations started in China to attack Taiwan? watch video

Beijing :Tension continues between China and Taiwan. There are reports indicating that China is preparing to attack Taiwan from within. In a video by China’s state-run CCTV channel, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is seen practicing the loading of various military vehicles onto civilian ships. The video hints at a growing trend in China of using civilian ships for military training. The American support being given to Taiwan has made the situation more tense between the two Asian countries.

The PLA exercise, which involved docking of several military vehicles, took place at the Zhengzhou Joint Logistics Support Centre, Euroasian Times reported. It was termed as a ‘logistics exercise’ involving loading and unloading of military vehicles. The civilian ships seen in the video belonged to the Chinese state-run company COSCO Shipping. The PRC boasts of having one of the largest shipping industries in the world with a record number of civilian vessels and increasing every year.

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Military activities increased near Taiwan Strait
China is insisting on using its civilian ships for military duty. This may be a cause of concern for the Indo-Pacific region. This video of the Chinese army has come to light at a time when military activities have increased around the Taiwan Strait and China’s tension with the US is at its peak. Earlier in several photographs, a huge military convoy of military trucks, battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles has been seen at the civilian port.

Was Jinping’s threat to Taiwan?
A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had said that China is now engaged in expanding its army. The army will be strengthened so that the country is ready for any war. His statement is being seen as a threat to Taiwan. If China attacks Taiwan, then certainly America will also be involved in this conflict. America has always said that it will always come forward to protect Taiwan.



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