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‘Played’ in Nepal’s politics, will form government with PM Prachanda Oli – India TV Hindi

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Nepal’s PM Prachanda and KP Sharma ‘Oli’

Nepal Politics: ‘Khela’ has also happened in Nepal’s politics. According to information received from PTI sources, Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda is going to form a new government with former Prime Minister Oli’s party after separating from the Nepali Congress. Actually, the government which is already in power in Nepal in the form of Prachanda government is not that powerful. Because there is a coalition government there. Nepali PM Prachanda was running the government in collaboration with Nepali Congress. In such a situation, even if there was some ups and downs, the government could have done it.

Till now, there was a coalition government of Maoist Center and Nepali Congress in Nepal and the distance between the two major parties of the country started increasing on the question of Chairman of the National Assembly. The result was that questions were being raised on continuing with this alliance. This is the reason why PM Prachanda has separated from Nepali Congress and is going to form the government with the party of KP Sharma Oli, who is the former PM of Nepal.

Know where the depth of the problem lies?

A few days ago, a meeting of the Standing Committee of Maoist Centre, one of the largest political parties of Nepal, was held. After this meeting, the Maoist Center had announced that they would contest the election for the post of Speaker of the National Assembly. Due to this the matter kept getting worse.

Which step of Nepali Congress spoiled the game?

Nepali Congress had recently called a meeting called a ‘Maha Committee’. It should be noted that Nepali Congress is the largest political party in the country. In the meeting of Nepali Congress held on 19 February, a demand was raised within the party that we should not go to the next elections under the leadership of the alliance. The next elections in Nepal are proposed in 2026. The Maoist Center did not like this voice of Nepali Congress against the alliance and they took a parallel line. This is the reason that now Nepali will separate from Congress and run a strong government with Oli’s party.

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