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PM Modi’s first reaction on “Gujarat’s Garba” being included in UNESCO’s heritage, said this

Image Source: AP
Women performing Garba in Gujarat.

Garba dance of Gujarat has been included in the major international cultural heritages by UNESCO. Due to this there is a wave of happiness in the entire country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated the people of Gujarat and the country on Wednesday after UNESCO approved the inclusion of Garba in the ‘Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. PM Modi described Garba as a celebration of life, unity and deep traditions. He expressed his happiness through a post on his social media account X. Garba is a folk dance originally from Gujarat, but it is also performed in some other parts of the country including Rajasthan.

“Its inscription on the Intangible Heritage List shows the world the beauty of Indian culture. This honor inspires us to preserve and promote our heritage for future generations,” Prime Minister Modi said in a post on the ‘X’. Congratulations on this global recognition.” India had nominated Garba, performed in Gujarat and many other parts of the country during Navratri festival, for inclusion in this list of UNESCO.

What is Garba dance?

In many parts of the country and the world including Gujarat, nine days of Garba is organized every year on the occasion of Navratri. The name Garba comes from Sanskrit Garbhadeep. In the beginning, a raw earthen pot is decorated with flowers. There are many small holes in this pitcher and Mother Shakti is invoked by lighting a lamp inside it. This lamp is called Garbhadeep. Men and women dance in a circle around Garba i.e. Garbhdeep to please Goddess Durga. Gradually this dance went beyond the limits of Gujarat and spread across the country and the world.


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