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PM Modi’s friend Georgia Meloni gave a big blow to China, Italy followed India’s footsteps

Image Source: AP
Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s best friend and Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni has given the biggest blow to China. Following India’s footsteps, Italy has distanced itself from China’s Belt and Road Project (BRI). Till now India was the first country among about 150 countries of the world to oppose this Chinese project. Now Italy has also separated itself from the Belt and Road Initiative on the lines of India. Italy is the only country in the G-7 nation group to withdraw from China’s BRI. This decision of Italy has created panic in China.

Italy had earlier signed up for China’s huge infra scheme. But now he has suddenly stepped away from this project. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, Italy had informed Beijing about this long-awaited decision three days in advance. Italy has withdrawn from China’s massive Belt and Road infrastructure initiative, a government source said on Wednesday. After 4 years of signing this project, Italy has surprised everyone by taking this decision. Although neither side has yet published any official communication, an Italian government source confirmed this to AFP.

PM Georgia Meloni took the decision

Italy’s Prime Minister Georgia Meloni has decided to distance herself from China’s BRI. She was opposing this Chinese project for a long time. The source gave no details other than to say that it was done this way to “keep the lines of political dialogue open.” China’s political influence is visible in Meloni’s decision. The deal was due to be automatically renewed in March 2024 had Italy not taken the decision now. But Georgia Meloni and her far-right government were extremely wary of provoking Beijing and risking retaliation against Italian companies.

Italy had given a signal to China during G-20 itself

Georgia Meloni had given this signal to China at the G20 summit in New Delhi in September in India. He told reporters that if Italy (Rome) should leave the project, it would not compromise its relations with China. Beijing says that more than 150 countries from Uruguay to Sri Lanka have signed the initiative. The deal is a central pillar of President Xi Jinping’s effort to expand China’s dominance overseas. Beijing says it has signed more than two trillion dollars worth of contracts around the world, including high- Speed ​​rail track and large-scale transport, energy and infrastructure work through Central Asia.

China burdens poor countries, America cautions

Proponents have praised it for bringing resources and economic development to the Global South, but China’s BRA has also been criticized for placing a heavy debt burden on poor countries. It has also given Chinese infrastructure companies an opportunity to gain a foothold in many emerging economies. There are concerns, particularly in Western countries, that China seeks to remake the global world order to its own advantage, while opposition voices in the BRI countries have also condemned growing Chinese influence in local politics. Meanwhile, Washington has warned that China could use the initiative as an excuse to build military bases around the world in the name of protecting BRI investments.

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