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Poland incident upsets schedule of G-20 summit in Bali

G20 Summit: Is the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine ready to take the shape of a world war? In fact, on Tuesday, November 15, Russia fired missiles at several cities including Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Meanwhile, news came that Russia’s missile fell on NATO country Poland, in which 2 people died. At the same time, since this incident, the schedule of the G20 summit meeting has deteriorated and an emergency meeting is being held regarding the matter.

The leaders’ event in the mangrove forest has been delayed due to an emergency meeting of G7 leaders and NATO consultations on the issue of Poland. Along with this, it will also affect the next session. The G7 leaders are meeting at the Hyatt Hotel in Bali under the leadership of US President Joe Biden. The developments in Poland and the increased engagement of other leaders will also have an impact on PM Modi’s schedule of several bilateral meetings. According to sources, out of the 8 bilateral meetings already fixed, many meetings have now become uncertain.

What did Biden say?

At the same time, Joe Biden said in a statement on this missile attack, there is a lot of information that opposes it. We will look into it. It is unlikely that it (the missile) would have been fired from the Russian side. We will call a meeting of ambassadors and it will be discussed.

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The Prime Minister of Poland gave these orders…

The attack has been confirmed by the Polish Foreign Ministry. On behalf of the Polish government, it was said that an emergency meeting was held after the incident. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that some units of the Polish Army have been deployed to deal with the situation. At the same time, special monitoring orders have been given on the airspace.

Russia said…

Russia’s Defense Ministry denied reports of missile attack on Poland. On behalf of the ministry, it was said that work is being done to blow up the matter.

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