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Police officer became millionaire in one night, bank blocked as soon as 10 crores came in the account

Pakistan Cop Gets Rs 100 Million: In Pakistan’s Karachi city, a police officer’s bank account got Rs 10 crore from an unknown source, making him a millionaire overnight. Investigating officers of Karachi’s Bahadurabad police station were shocked to learn that Rs 10 crore, including his salary, had been deposited in his bank account.

Police officer Amir Gopang said, ‘I was surprised to see so much money in my account, because far from seeing so much money, never more than a few thousand rupees have come in my account.’

Bank blocked account

Aamir Gopang said, ‘I came to know about this when the bank contacted me and told me that Rs 10 crore has been transferred to my account.’ His bank account was frozen and his ATM card was also blocked by the bank, as the bank was investigating the whole matter.

The same incident happened in Larkana and Sukkur

Police investigating the matter

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