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Pope Francis, 86, hospitalized for intestinal surgery, risk of age, know what is the disease

Rome: Pope Francis was admitted to a hospital in Rome on Wednesday for bowel surgery. The Vatican has informed about this. The Vatican said Francis, 86, will be given general anesthesia for the surgical procedure and will be admitted to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital for several days. Pope’s laparotomy surgery will be performed to treat recurrent narrowing of the intestine. He is probably facing this problem after the large intestine surgery done in 2021. Experts said that the formation of ‘hernia’ is a problem arising after the intestinal surgery. Francis had it removed two years ago to relieve discomfort from a narrowing of the large intestine. The Pope had no choice but to undergo surgery as he has to travel extensively this summer. Dr. Walter Longo, chief of colon and rectal surgery at the Yale University School of Medicine, said, “Obstruction of the blood supply to the intestine causes significant damage to this vital internal organ of the body.”

Risks from surgery at age 86

He said that Francis would recover after a few weeks, but that he was physically weak due to old age. “An old man like him is at risk in undergoing the surgical procedure but if he gets it done, he will be fine,” he said. It is noteworthy that in July 2021, Francis had to undergo surgery to remove a 33 cm (13 in) long large intestine.

He was suffering from severe intestinal irritation and narrowing. Francis left the Vatican in his car at 11 a.m. and arrived at the hospital about 20 minutes later. He also went to the hospital on Tuesday to get the test done. He was also hospitalized in late March, when he underwent treatment for inflammation of the trachea.

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