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Power in China for the third time, annihilated opponents… CCP’s party Congress ended, Jinping played a big bet

Beijing : The National Congress of China’s ruling Communist Party, which is held once in five years, ended on Saturday. Chinese President Xi Jinping has become even more powerful in this one-week event. He has ousted his rival prime minister and on Sunday he could get his third term as president. Jinping addressed Congress on the last day on Saturday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. He told the people loyal to the party, ‘Dare to fight, dare to win, work hard without being affected by the situation. Be determined to move forward.

The National Congress ended with Jinping’s speech. High voltage drama was also seen in the hall on the last day. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was evicted from the closing ceremony for which no official explanation has emerged. In Beijing, the event was taking place behind closed doors, from where very limited information was coming out. Congress unveiled the newly formed Central Committee, the main leadership body of the party. Of its 205 members, only 11 are women.

Xi in preparation for lifelong rule
The Central Committee in its first meeting on Sunday will appoint the Politburo and its smaller Standing Committee consisting of 25 elite members. The Politburo is the most powerful decision-making body in China. On Sunday, Xi Jinping could secure a third presidential term as party chief, general secretary, paving the way for his lifelong rule. No new title was given to Jinping in the seven-day National Congress that experts had speculated.

Hu Jintao’s hand held in front of Jinping, forcibly thrown out… insulting former Chinese President, video viral
Retirement given to opponents before age
Four leaders, including Jinping’s rival prime minister and China’s second top official, Li Keqiang, have been left out of the party’s newly elected and powerful seven-member Politburo Standing Committee. His name is not in the 205-member central committee, which means he will not get a place in the standing committee. In simple words, these leaders have now been given retirement. The CPC on Saturday approved an amendment to the party constitution that could further enhance President Xi Jinping’s stature as Chinese leader.

Jinping made big bets by reshuffling
This reshuffle shows Jinping’s preparedness for the future. The motive behind the removal of Li Keqiang and Wang Yang was not merely to retire them or to oust opponents. The age of both the leaders is 67 years, while in China the retirement age is 68 years, so according to the rules, they had to work for one more year. But Jinping, who is heading towards his third term as China’s most powerful leader, wants to build a young team that can blindly support him for the next five years and beyond.



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