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Power went but Boris Johnson’s troubles have not diminished, investigation of ‘Partygate’ case will continue

London: A multi-party investigation committee probing the ‘Partygate’ case against former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that the investigation would continue. There are allegations against Johnson that while the Prime Minister of Britain, he had attended some party in the Prime Minister’s Office ‘Downing Street’ in violation of Kovid-19 related restrictions. Johnson is also accused of misleading Parliament in the ‘Partygate’ case.

The ‘House of Commons’ Privileges Committee hit back at the government-appointed counsel’s intervention in the investigation, calling it unfair and flawed and dismissed all “criticisms” after having received “clear and impartial advice” from its own legal advisers. Gave. Lord David Panick, a lawyer previously appointed by the government to examine the committee’s approach, accused the committee of adopting “unfair process” and “proposing a flawed approach”.
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Criticism of methods of gathering evidence
The Committee of Privileges said in a statement that the Committee accepts the view of its impartial legal advisors that Lord Panick’s opinion is based on a lack of understanding of parliamentary procedure. Panick had criticized the committee for the way the evidence was collected and claimed that Johnson should have been informed of the case against him.
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Did Johnson mislead?
The Committee of Privileges is investigating whether Johnson misled the House of Commons by suggesting that events during the lockdown at 10 Downing followed pandemic rules. The committee may, during its investigation, ask Johnson to give an account of what he had previously told members of parliament.



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