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Private video of Imran’s friend with wife viral in Pakistan, objectionable clip of 66-year-old senator in controversy

Islamabad : Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf are having ‘bad days’ at this time. On Thursday, there was a deadly attack on Imran. Imran and his PTI colleagues have been subjected to political attacks and targets since they were voted out of power in April. On Saturday, a leader of Imran’s party made a shocking claim and accused the country’s “powerful” people of sending an purported private video of the couple to his wife. These allegations have been made by Imran’s close aide and PTI Senator Azam Swati (66).

Swati claimed that an objectionable video was sent to his wife from an unknown number in which he and his wife were seen. However, the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) claimed that a ‘forensic analysis’ of the video going viral on the Internet has been done and it has been found that the video is fake. Recently, Swati had claimed that she was tortured in custody after her arrest in a case in which she also named an FIA officer.

‘A man’ who is destroying the country… surrounded Imran and said – he only thinks about power
Wife called and started crying
Azam Swati told during the press conference on Saturday how she came to know about the objectionable clip. Swati said that on Friday at 9 pm his wife called him who is in Islamabad. She was screaming and crying but did not tell anything about the video clip to Swati. Seeing the wife upset, Swati asks her daughter to talk to her mother and find out what is the matter.

daughter gave information about the video
“My daughter told me that her mother got a video clip from an unknown number and you are in that video,” the PTI leader told PTI. He said he could not provide further details as “the daughters of the country are listening”. His crying daughter told that his wife is also in the video. Swati said, ‘I have lived with my wife my whole life. He doesn’t know that a few days back, on the morning of 13 October, when these cruel people arrested me, these people had made a video of me. It is not at all difficult to make a fake video these days.

‘Is this Pakistan?’
Azam Swati said that his wife will have to leave the country and go to a ‘safe place’. He said that even my granddaughters were forced to leave the country by intimidation. ‘I ask my God if this is Pakistan where the sanctity of a husband and wife is not safe.’ The PTI senator was detained by the FIA’s cybercrime unit on October 13 for allegedly making controversial remarks about the Pakistan Army.



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