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Putin announces nuclear exercise, Biden’s warning – will be used heavily

Ukraine-Russia War: In the midst of the ongoing war with Ukraine, the tension between Russia and America is increasing. Russia, which constantly threatens nuclear attacks, is going to conduct nuclear exercises once again. The last time Russia conducted a nuclear drill was in February. Russia has also given formal information to America about its drill. The thing to note here is that till October 30, America and its allies are also doing nuclear drills. The nuclear drill of 2 superpowers has scared Zelensky.

This is the most dangerous turn of the Ukraine war. Since October 17, 14 NATO countries have been engaged in nuclear exercises in Belgium. Before this nuclear drill could end on 30 October, a big news came from Russia. Russia is also starting nuclear exercise to counter NATO. Whose name is Thunder nuclear exercise. In Russia it is also called Grom.

America knows that Putin sees the preparation of his strategic nuclear force in this mega drill. Missile launching is broadcast live in the Kremlin. Although Russia has informed America about the Thunder nuclear exercise. But still America and NATO countries are keeping an eye on every update related to Russia’s nuclear drill at this time. The nuclear exercise of the Russian army cannot be ignored as a mere routine exercise amid fears of the use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war.

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday night in response to a question about the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia, “Any nuclear attack will certainly be Russia’s ‘serious mistake’.” Let us tell you that America is constantly warning Russia about nuclear attack that it should not do nuclear attack in Ukraine even by mistake, otherwise it will have to face bad consequences.

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For the past few days, the possibility of nuclear attack in Ukraine has increased and there are many reasons behind this. The first reason was the sudden use of the Russian army’s land in Belarus in the war with Ukraine. It is believed that Russia has taken this step only because of the nuclear attack.

At the same time, the other reason is also that in the past, Russia had accused Ukraine that it could use dirty bombs on its own soil, but European countries rejected this allegation and it is believed that the Russian nuclear attack on the contrary. And knowing that he is making such allegations, under the guise of which he can attack. Apart from this, the possibility of nuclear attack is also increasing because many countries are suddenly advising their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

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