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Putin deployed hypersonic nuclear missile Kinjal in Belarus, London on target, Britain in panic

Moscow/London: Russia has now given an open warning to Western countries providing weapons worth billions of dollars in the Ukraine war. Russia has deployed the Kinjal hypersonic nuclear missile called the modern Brahmastra in its neighboring country Belarus. This has been disclosed by Britain’s intelligence agency on the basis of pictures received from the Belarus satellite. After this revelation, Britain has come in panic and why not. After deploying missiles that dropped nuclear bombs in Belarus close to European countries, now Russia can destroy London whenever it wants.

NATO countries call Russia’s Kinjal missile as Kiljoy and Russian Dagger. This missile has been included in the Russian weapons arsenal since 2018. This missile has the power to destroy any target up to a distance of 2000 km. 1000 pounds of explosives or an atomic bomb can be planted in this super-destructive missile. The distance from Belarus to London is only 1800 km and in this way Britain has now come within the range of this missile.
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Kinjal flies at 12 times the speed of sound
Britain and America have supported Ukraine fiercely in the Ukraine war and both these countries have supplied weapons worth billions of dollars to Ukraine. Britain’s Defense Ministry has released a picture in which two Russian MiG-31K Foxhound jets are seen. These fighter jets are equipped with Kinjal hypersonic missiles which can be launched from the air. Russia’s Kinjal missile flies at 12 times the speed of sound. Once it is launched, it is almost impossible to capture or destroy it with a radar.

According to the report of The Sun, if this missile is launched from Belarus, then it will hit London in just 9 minutes. UK intelligence sources claim that Russia can target some other targets besides Ukraine. He said that Russia has used this missile occasionally during the Ukraine war but it has very limited stock. Russia is continuously increasing its capability to strike long distances. Intelligence sources said that Russia has deployed this missile in Belarus to send a message to Western countries. Russia has 5,977 nuclear warheads, out of which 1600 bombs are in use condition.



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