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‘Putin fell ill after falling down stairs’, US media report claims blood cancer

Vladimir Putin Health: Information is being received about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A news agency named New York Post told in its Telegram channel that in the past, Russia’s most powerful person Vladimir Putin fell at his official residence in Moscow due to which his health deteriorated.

According to the report, 70-year-old Putin has suffered injuries due to his fall, due to which the President, who is already reportedly suffering from stomach cancer, is facing problems. Another UK-based news agency reported that Putin’s hand was shaking during a handshake when he met with his Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel last month. The agency also said that during this time his hands had also turned dark.

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The UK-based agency said that during this time Putin was also seen uncomfortably moving his legs. Through these incidents, the news agency has claimed that Putin’s health is deteriorating. In the same report, there is also a statement of a British spy in which he is claiming that Putin has attacked Ukraine because he is seriously ill.

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Does Putin have blood cancer?
It has been claimed in this report that Putin has blood cancer. However, this is not the first incident in which news of Putin’s illness has come to the fore. Earlier in 2014, Putin’s spokesperson, making fun of the media reports published in the American newspaper, had advised him to avoid rumours.

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