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Putin Kim Jong Un : Putin and Kim Jong Un are going to shake hands! They promised friendship by sending letters to each other… know what is the intention

Moscow/Pyongyang : On the one hand, where Russian President Vladimir Putin has given sleepless nights to Western countries, on the other hand, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un also often takes out the tableau of his weapons. Both the leaders have created panic in two corners of the world. But just imagine what if the two come together? Something similar is going to happen because Putin has told Kim Jong Un that Russia will enhance its ties with North Korea. Experts believe that both the countries have started to feel that they ‘need each other and they have something to give each other’.

According to Pyongyang’s state media, Putin has told Kim Jong Un that the two countries will “expand comprehensive and constructive bilateral ties through shared efforts.” In his letter to Kim on North Korea’s Liberation Day, Putin said closer ties would be in the interests of both countries and help strengthen the security and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the Northeast Asian region. KCNA News Agency has given this information.

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Russia and North Korea friendship
Kim also sent a letter to Putin in which he said, “The friendship between Russia and North Korea was strengthened with the victory over Japan in World War II, which occupied the Korean peninsula.” Kim said that since then “strategic and strategic cooperation, support and solidarity” between the two countries has risen to greater heights through their shared efforts to thwart threats from “hostile forces”.

North Korea will give its troops in Ukraine war
Pyongyang did not reveal the identity of the “hostile forces” but has generally used such words and language to refer to the US and its allies. Recently, a report claimed that after losing a large number of soldiers in the Ukraine war, Russia is now asking for 1 lakh soldiers from North Korea and has offered to give crude oil and wheat in return.

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Korean troops to be deployed in eastern Ukraine
It is said that even North Korea has been prepared for this. According to the Regnum news agency, North Korea has made it clear through diplomatic channels that it will provide a builder to repair the damages of the war. Simultaneously, it is prepared to supply a large combat force in an effort to balance Russia’s favor. They will be deployed to the Russian-backed separatist forces in Luhansk and Donetsk.




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