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Putin threatens, America is gathering strength to attack anywhere in the world with 36 mega-destructive missiles

Washington: In the midst of a war-like environment with Russia and China, the US Navy has come into action and has planned a horrific attack anywhere in the world on the strength of 36 super destructive missiles. These American missiles will be hypersonic and it will not be possible for any country in the world to shoot them down. These missiles of America will be capable of attacking at a speed of 21 thousand km per hour. These missiles will be fired with the help of destroyer of Zoomwalt class, called America’s most modern and mysterious. Upgradation of these warships to launch Hypersonic Boost Glide Weapon is in progress.

America has lagged behind China and Russia in terms of hypersonic missiles and now the Pentagon is working very fast to achieve this supersonic technology. The US has made this announcement at a time when it is being said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a new test of Satan-2 missiles with the ability to destroy the earth with a nuclear bomb. Not only this, Russia has already claimed to have deployed hypersonic missiles on a large scale.
Iran also made ‘Brahmastra’, now there will be an equal competition with America and Israel! the army claimed
Preparations to be deployed on America’s deadliest warship
In response to this preparation of Russia, both the US Navy and Army are now engaged in making the hypersonic missile necessary for future war. It is named Common Hypersonic Glide Body. This missile runs at a speed of more than Mach 5 and its speed can be up to Mach 17. This missile will be able to change its path in the middle and can penetrate any defense system. This missile will move towards its target at a speed of about 5 km per second and destroy it.

This American hypersonic missile will be capable of hitting targets accurately from a distance of only 6 inches. This warhead will destroy the target only on the strength of its speed. After the missile attack, its effect will be very dire. The US Army is planning to test its missile, which will have a strike range of at least 2800 km. It will be launched from a ground based mobile launcher. It is planned to be in service by next year. At the same time, the US Navy is developing separate hypersonic missiles for its warships and submarines. Work is underway to deploy this missile on America’s deadliest warship USS Zumwalt. Analysts say that this warship capable of dodging the radar will prove to be a great warning to the enemy.



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