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Putin went to this Muslim country, his super car got spoiled, even the bomb blast had no effect, know how much it cost?

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Putin went to this Muslim country, his super car became famous

Purin Super Car in dubai: Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Muslim countries. During this time he got a grand welcome. Putin visited Arab countries for the first time after the war between Russia and Ukraine that started on 24 February 2022. During this period, Russian President Putin’s super car remained in the news. This car is very luxurious and full of modern features. Its features are also very strong. What’s more, this super car is so special that even a bomb blast does not affect it. Know about the features of this car and its price. Talking about Putin’s visit, this was the first time after the war between Russia and Ukraine that Putin visited Arab countries. During this period, he has also traveled to Iran along with UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Putin’s car attracted everyone’s attention

When Vladimir Putin reached Dubai, he was given a grand welcome. A grand parade was organized in his honor and he was received in Abu Dhabi. Russian flags were put up far and wide to welcome him. Putin was given a guard of honor and senior UAE leaders came to receive him. Even amidst the very luxurious and grand arrangements, the Russian leader’s car attracted everyone’s attention. When Putin came out in his bomb-proof limousine on the streets of Abu Dhabi, its look caught everyone’s attention.

Know which car does Putin use?

  • 71-year-old Vladimir Putin has been using Aurus Cortez’s limousine for about 5 years. If we talk about the specialty of this car, it has very strong features from safety point of view.
  • This super car also has run-flat tiers, night-vision cameras, 6 cm special toughened glass, air compression system to protect against gas attacks, armor plating and an emergency gate.
  • It can increase or decrease the speed by recognizing road signs. If the car collides, it can automatically move the passenger seats to a safe position.
  • A special feature of the car is that the car itself can tighten all the seat belts and then close all the doors and windows.

How many feet long is Putin’s car?

The car in which Putin drives is manufactured by the Russian company Aurus Senat. This car has been built with the help of Russian Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute. The price of this car is 10 lakh pounds i.e. about 10.5 crore rupees. This car has a 4.4-liter V8 engine, which can generate 880 Nm torque and 598 HP power. It is 23 feet long and is claimed to be able to withstand even ballistic missile attacks. There are also claims that 150 million pounds have been spent in its design.

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