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Putin will announce the merger of Ukraine’s regions with Russia today, know why the Russian President is playing this gamble

MoscowRussia’s President Vladimir Putin will today formally begin the separation of 15 percent of Ukraine’s border from the country. With this, four regions of Ukraine will be declared as part of Russia. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the process would take place at St. George’s Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Also, here the agreement to merge the new borders with the Russian Federation will be signed. The merger of Ukraine’s southern and eastern borders with Russia shows how aggressive Russia has become. At least that’s what some Russian political experts believe.

Russia will not back down
Duma MP Konstantin Zatulin of the ruling United Russia party says there is no doubt that Russia has crossed the rubyon. He said that the recent referendum shows that Russia has no motive to back down. Even after the defeat in Ukraine in the past few days, it is not ready to back down without achieving political and military goals. He said that despite external pressure, President Putin usually increases the level of his activities rather than backing down.The world keeps doing evil but Putin will not back down, preparations are being made to merge the occupied areas of Ukraine with Russia
fight for survival
According to Jatulin, such a step definitely closes some options, but when it comes to the war of Russia, its fight is to defend its existence and oppose the attempts of partition in the world and inflicting irreparable damage against us. . Russian authorities in Donstek, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya claim that some citizens have voted overwhelmingly in favor of Russia. These referendums have been opposed by Ukraine and some Western countries. Russia had already declared Donstek and Luhansk independent in February.

Crimea separated
Russia has extended its support to the places the rebels occupied in 2014. In the same year Crimea was separated from Ukraine. This step was also taken only after the referendum. A large part of Kherson and Zaporizhia was occupied by Russian forces. The referendum that has taken place has been under military occupation. It has not undergone any external inspection. The referendum was watched by the whole world and the international community has termed it as meaningless.

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