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Putin’s girlfriend seen again after a long time, is she imprisoned in a secret palace?

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Putin’s girlfriend seen again after a long time

Russia News: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend is a gold medalist in gymnastics. This mysterious girlfriend has once again appeared in public after 40 weeks. Alina has appeared at a time when there were reports of her being under house arrest for some time. It is being told that he has been kept in the secret palace of Russian President Putin. This luxury secret palace is built in the forest, which is full of modern furnishings.

There have been reports of an affair between Putin and Alina since 2008 and she has hardly been seen with the President. For this reason, some people also call him a ‘mysterious’ personality. Some people even call Alina the ‘First Mistress’ of Russia. According to the report of British newspaper The Sun, 40-year-old Alina was last seen on October 22. On the same day, news of Putin’s heart attack also came to light. However, the Kremlin rejected these reports as absurd.

But Alina was seen talking about her training at her gymnastics academy in Sochi. Kabaeva has come forward after 40 days. The Russian Orthodox Church considers this time a mourning period. Alina looked very tired and instructed her three female students to be patient.

Alina went missing amid rumors of Putin’s death

The Kremlin had to issue a denial in October when reports of Putin’s death following a heart attack began to emerge. At that time it was said that Putin had died of a heart attack in the Valdai Palace north of Moscow and his body was kept in a freezer. Alina had gone missing after rumors of Putin’s death.

However, experts termed the rumors of his death as a conspiracy. Alina’s video surfaced on December 7. In this new video, Kabaeva can be seen wearing a wedding ring. Since then, the claim has gained strength that she married Putin in a secret ceremony many years ago.

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