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Putin’s Private Army Destroyed in Ukraine’s Air Strike, Hundreds of Wagner Group Fighters Killed in Luhansk!

Kyiv: Ukraine has killed hundreds of fighters in a massive air strike against Russian mercenaries. The governor of Luhansk said the Ukrainian military had destroyed a base of the infamous Wagner Group in the Russian-held city since 2014. Serhi Haidai, the head of the regional military administration, said the attack was carried out at the Wagner Group base based on a stadium in Kadivka, Luhansk. Hundreds of fighters have been killed in the grip of this attack, while a large number are said to be injured. The Wagner Group is also known as the Private Army of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Video after the attack is going viral
Serhi Haidai has also posted a video of the attack on her Telegram social media account. In this, the Wagner Group base in the stadium can be seen burning due to Ukrainian airstrikes. Serhi reported that the Ukrainian armed forces attacked the base well. The attack was so fierce that it engulfed the entire base in flames and the black smoke rising from it covered the sky. However, the Russian Defense Ministry has not confirmed the attack. After the attack, rescue workers in orange helmets were deployed to find people in the rubble.

Hundreds of fighters claimed to have been killed in the attack
Ukrainian news outlet Horomadsk quoted local sources as saying that 22 people were killed and four others were injured in the attack. At the same time, Ukrainian government sources claim that the death toll is beyond 300. In the pictures being shared on Twitter, the stadium which was the victim of the attack looks like a ruin. On 28 March the British Defense Ministry said that the Wagner group was involved in helping Russia in Ukraine.

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Putin’s private army is the Wagner Group
Ukraine claims that the infamous Wagner Group, a private militia of Russian President Putin, has been present in their country since 2014. The fighters of this militia are attacking the Ukrainian army by building military bases in Crimea and Luhansk region. The Wagner Group is also known as PMC Wagner, CHVK Wagner-A or CHVK Wagner-B. This is a paramilitary organization of Russia, which is completely private. It is joined by mercenaries, the two carrying out their missions directly at the behest of the Kremlin. Officially the Wagner group does not exist.

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The Wagner Group first came to the fore in 2014.
The group first appeared to the world during the war in the Donbass in Ukraine. The same group assisted the separatist forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics from 2014 to 2015. The fighters in this group have reportedly participated in various conflicts around the world. The war claimed the presence of the Wagner group in Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic (CAR), and Mali. Its fighters fight on the side of forces supporting the Russian government in violence-hit regions. However, the governments of Syria and the Central African Republic have openly taken their help.


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