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Quad Investor Network keeps a close eye on China, dragon threat in high technology

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The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Organization (Quad) of India, America, Australia and Japan is preparing to give a big blow to China. In fact, Quad’s investor network has expressed a big threat from China in the field of high technology. This clearly means that other countries including Quad countries can also avoid Chinese investment in the field of high technology. If this happens, it will be the biggest blow to China’s technology market. In the past too, China has been accused of spying in various countries in the name of technology. In such a situation, Chinese technology is constantly under suspicion.

Carl Mehta, Chairman of Quad Investor Network, said that there are many areas of high technology which are currently dominated by China, which is a big danger sign. On the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leadership Summit, Mehta said that in areas where China’s market share ranges from 70 percent, 80 percent to 100 percent. There is more danger there. Therefore all countries have to be cautious of China.

China manufactures 100 percent of permanent magnets

Karl Mehta said, “For example, ‘permanent magnets’ have a market of US $ 400 billion and almost 100 percent of its manufacturing is now done in China. They control the mining, they obviously control the processing.” The Quad Investor Network is the leading technology network for investors, industry and innovators across the Quad countries. Representatives of the Quad countries are members of its leadership team and advisory board. ‘Quad’ (Quaternary Security Dialogue) includes India, America, Japan and Australia. Quad Investor Network on Tuesday announced its collaboration with ‘Epsilon Advanced Materials of India’. It recently decided to build a US$650 million battery materials and components plant in North Carolina. (Language)

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