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Queen Elizabeth Funeral: When and at what time will Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, know how you can watch

Britain: There is a period of national mourning in Britain after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The national mourning will continue till Monday, the day of the Queen’s funeral. Meanwhile, politicians from around the world have arrived in Britain to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth. These include India’s President Draupadi Murmu and US President Joe Biden. People of Britain are also paying homage to their favorite Queen by waiting in line for hours. Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to be in power for the longest time. After his death, Prince Charles has been made the new King of Britain.

What time is the Queen’s funeral?
Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place at 11:00 on Monday, 19 September, according to British time. In India it can be seen on Monday at 3.30 pm. The funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, Britain’s historic Church of London. This is the place where the kings and queens of Britain are crowned. The ceremony will last for about two hours. During this, the Queen will also be given a final farewell by playing the bugle. There will be a two-minute national silence across the UK during the Queen’s funeral.

How to watch the Queen’s funeral
The Queen’s funeral will be telecast live on almost all UK media platforms. It will also go live on Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Sky News. Apart from this, it will also be telecasted live on NBC, CNN and ABC News channels. Will also be streamed live on BBC iPlayer. Apart from this, it will also be livestreamed on many social media platforms. The Queen’s funeral will be shown in public parks and places across the UK with large screens. The funeral will be performed in London’s Hyde Park as well as in Sheffield, Birmingham, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Coleraine, Bedford, Bradford, Coventry, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. Around 125 cinemas across the UK will also screen the event.

What does let-in-state mean?
Lay-in-state describes the ceremonial occasion in which a coffin is seen before a funeral ceremony. It occurs after the death of a king, queen or queen consort and sometimes former prime ministers. The Queen’s lay-in-state begins at 17:00 BST at Westminster Hall on Wednesday. This will continue till 06:30 BST on Monday. People wanting to participate in it have to stand in line for hours.



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