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Queen Elizabeth II will be handed over today, know the full program of her funeral

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held today. During this, heads of state, President, Prime Minister, representatives of different countries of the world have reached London to pay tribute to him. Millions of people had gathered on Sunday itself to have the last glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II. Today this crowd may increase further.

According to the report, there is a long line of more than 8 kilometers for his last darshan. In this, about 4000 people are seeing the last darshan of the queen every hour. The body of the Queen is currently kept in Westminster Hall of Parliament. Today, the process of cremation will start after removing his body from here and he will be handed over to him as per the schedule. We are telling you the complete program related to his funeral.

  • By 11 o’clock in the morning according to Indian time, people will be able to go to the coffin of the queen and pay her last respects. After this, the final journey of Queen Elizabeth II will begin.
  • The doors of Westminster Abbey will be opened at 12:30 hrs IST for VIPs, guests from other countries, so that these people can pay tribute to the Queen. Those who will see the Queen here include senior politicians from the United Kingdom, relatives of Queen Elizabeth II, members of the European Royal Family, and presidents and prime ministers of different countries. Let us tell you that invitations have been sent to 500 such people.
  • At 3.14 pm Indian time, the Queen’s coffin will be taken out of Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey in a gun carriage, which will be pulled by 142 naval sailors. King Charles and his sons will also attend and walk with the coffin.
  • There will be a funeral service at Westminster Abbey at 3:30 pm, which will be attended by about 2000 people. The Queen was crowned at Westminster Abbey itself and Prince Philip was also married here. In such a situation, the first process of his funeral will also take place here.
  • This Funeral Service will end at 4:25 pm and a silence of 2 minutes will be observed.
  • At 4:45 pm, the Queen’s coffin will come out on the streets of London, every minute there will be a cannon salute and every minute the Big Ben bell will ring.
  • The coffin of the queen will reach Wellington Arch at 5.30 pm. From there the Queen’s coffin will be taken to Windsor Castle by the Royal Funeral Car.
  • The Queen’s coffin will reach Windsor Castle at 7.30 pm. From there the coffin of the Queen will be taken to St. George’s Chapel with royal honors. The Queen’s childhood was spent in Windsor Castle and she used to come here often. He spent 2 years living here during the Corona period.
  • The coffin will reach St George’s Chapel at 8:30 pm. This chapel is next to Windsor Castle. This chapel is used for royal christenings, weddings and funerals. There will be another chapel service, after which everyone will go out.
  • At 12 o’clock the royal family will say goodbye to the Queen forever and the Queen will be buried in the tomb right next to her husband Prince Philip.

special arrangements for broadcast

Huge screens have been set up in various UK parks to broadcast the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on Monday morning. Along with this, many theaters have also made preparations for the telecast of the program. Britain’s first state funeral in the last 57 years will take place under strict protocol and military tradition, for which practice has been going on for several days.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said Monday has been declared a public holiday in the UK and several public places have been marked in London as crowds gather for funerals. “Massive screens have been installed across the country, including London’s Hyde Park, Sheffield’s Cathedral Square, Birmingham’s Centenary Square, Carlisle’s Bites Park, Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park and Coleraine Town Hall in Northern Ireland,” the DCMS said.

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