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Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, used to trust the Indian servant the most, took England with her

LondonToday we are going to tell you the story of Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This story of Queen Victoria is related to her love life and her hero in this story was an Indian Abdul Karim. This was another most controversial anecdote of Elizabeth’s family. After the death of the Queen in 1901, Abdul was removed from royal history. According to a report in the Telegraph, Victoria’s son Edward had made it clear that if the letters sent between the two were found in the royal house, it would be burnt. Know who was this Abdul and what was that story.

who was abdul kareem

Abdul Karim was a cook and upon learning of his relationship with Victoria, he was also thrown out of the house the Queen had given him. With this he was sent back to India. Victoria’s daughter Beatrice erased Karim’s name from every journal of the Queen. The relationship between Victoria and Abdul lasted for more than a decade.

Queen Victoria considered Abdul her closest. Every mention of Abdul Karim was erased, but a journalist in Victoria’s summer home found a link about Abdul. After this, when the investigation was done, the relationship of Victoria and Abdul came to the fore. Historians say that Karim was the only servant who could live close to Victoria. Saudi King was scared of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s driving, said- drive slowly, know the full story
Abdul Karim after John Brown
After the death of John Brown, a close servant of Queen Victoria, Abdul Karim became her most trusted companion. Abdul’s father could get a pension because of the queen. The Queen had put up many pictures of Abdul Karim and due to these photographs, their hidden relationship was exposed. Historian Sharbani Basu visited Balmoral Castle, the Scottish home of Queen Victoria in 2003.

Sharbani wrote a book titled, ‘Victoria and Abdul: The True Story of the Queen’, writing about this relationship in detail. It is written in this book that the Queen was to celebrate 50 years of the occupation of Indian borders in 1887. She was also very excited and made a request to the Indian staff members. He said that he should cook food for the heads of the countries.

Dealing with Karim in England
Abdul Karim was a resident of the northern city of Agra in India. Abdul Karim was selected out of the two servants. These servants were given to the Queen as a gift from India on the completion of 50 years of her rule. Four years after John Brown’s death, Karim went to England and joined his service. Victoria described Karim as a ‘handsome’ man.

Historian Carole Erickson wrote in her book ‘Her Little Majesty’, ‘It was unbearable for white servants to see a black Indian servant coming from India close to the Queen. Sitting at the same table with him to eat and get up with him every day was going to annoy the rest of the people.

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Victoria loved lentil chicken

Queen Victoria loved chicken, vegetables and lentils made by Karim. Abdul Karim often cooked this meal for the Queen at Balmoral Castle. Karim also taught Urdu to Queen Victoria and from here his attachment to Indian culture grew. Soon Karim had moved from cook to scribe and Indian clerk and his salary was 12 pounds per month. After that he became the secretary of Victoria. Victoria wrote in her diary, ‘I like him very much. He is a very kind and understanding man and that gives me a lot of comfort.

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