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Rainwater is no longer drinkable anywhere in the world, says study – Latest US News Hub

Several parts of the world suffer from a shortage of the vital liquid, so they have sought to recycle what they use.


lack of Water it has become a worldwide problem, proof of this is the scarcity that is currently experienced in different places, including Nuevo León, Mexico.

The families have chosen to recycle the liquid from the rain or the one used in other activities. For example, the water with which dishes or clothes can be washed can be reused for the bathroom; however, to consume it is bad and dangerous, so warned experts.

And it is that a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, which was done by researchers from the University of Stockholm, warns about the presence of toxic substances that spread globally in the atmosphere.

PFAS (Presence of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) “are dangerous chemical substances created by man that spread globally in the atmosphere and, as a result, can be found in rainwater and snow even in the most remote places of the Earth. Land”, they assured in a statement.

“During the last 20 years, the reference values ​​for PFAS in drinking water, surface water and soil have decreased dramatically due to new knowledge about their toxicity. As a result, the levels in the environmental media they are now pervasively above baseline levels,” the study adds.

Finally, the experts noted that “due to the global spread of PFAS, environmental media everywhere will exceed environmental quality guidelines designed to protect the Human health and we can do very little to reduce PFAS contamination. In other words, it makes sense to define a planetary limit specifically for PFAS and, as we conclude in the paper, this limit has now been exceeded.”

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Rainwater is no longer drinkable anywhere in the world, says study

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