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‘Rashid Sanook is now PM’, Joe Biden mispronounces Rishi Sunak

PM Rishi Sunak: Social media was flooded with memes and reactions after US President Joe Biden mispronounced the name of Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during Diwali celebrations at the White House.

Joe Biden congratulated Sunak on becoming Britain’s first Asian prime minister at a ceremony held on Monday (24 October). During this, he called the new Prime Minister of Britain Rishi Sunak as Rasheed Sanook. However, he mispronounced Sunak’s name in front of a predominantly Indian-American audience at the event. He pronounced the British Prime Minister’s first name by adding the English letter ‘D’, while in the surname he spoke a word similar to Chinook helicopter.

US President Biden (79) said, “We have received news that Rashid Sanook has now become Prime Minister.” After this video of him came on social media, people started giving reactions. Giving information about the incident, a columnist for ‘The Spectator’ wrote an article about it and captioned it, “Look, Biden spoiled Sunak’s name.” Many people on Twitter posted funny memes and comments.

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Who is Rishi Sunak?
Rishi Sunak on Tuesday (October 26) took over as the first British Prime Minister of Indian origin, promising to put the needs of the beleaguered country “above politics” and “correct the mistakes” made by his predecessor. . Sunak was elected unopposed as the new leader of the Conservative Party on the day of Diwali.

Former UK finance minister Sunak (42) is a Hindu and he is Britain’s youngest prime minister in the last 210 years. Sunak, a banker by profession, said in his maiden address outside the prime minister’s official residence 10 Downing Street that he took office at a time when Britain is facing a “severe economic crisis”. He attributed this to the Kovid epidemic and the Russo-Ukraine war and expressed hope that he would be able to meet these challenges.

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