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Research claims – drinkers of two to three cups of coffee a day have a longer life, lower risk of heart disease

Research on Coffee : It is common to drink coffee or tea twice or thrice in the busy life of the day. Be it the office or the side of the road. People will see you taking sips of coffee or tea. The main reason for this is that, it keeps the body away from exhaustion. A recent research has found that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of longevity and heart disease. A team from Australia’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute used data from the UK Bio Bank on people aged 40 to 69 to investigate the link between irregular heartbeat, heart disease and death in coffee and tea drinkers. Of.

why in research heart disease included

In research, heart disease included diseases such as blockage of blood vessels, heart failure and heart attack. The research, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, covered 4,49,563 participants who were free from rapid heartbeat or other heart disease. The mean age of the participants was 58 years. Of which 55.3 percent were women. Research results were obtained from medical records and death records. The average year was 12.5. The researchers said that consumption of all types of coffee has been associated with a reduction in the risk of death from any cause.

What was found in the research,

The research found a reduction in heart disease with two to three cups of coffee drinkers per day compared to those who drank 14 percent of decaffeinated coffee, 27 percent of ground coffee and 11 percent of instant coffee, respectively, compared to those who drank different types of coffee. During the research, it was seen that a total of 27 thousand 809 i.e. 6.2 percent of the participants died. “In this large, observational research, drinking ground, instant and decaffeinated coffee was associated with a similar reduction in the incidence of heart disease or death from any cause.

How many people were treated during the research,

During the research, heart disease was treated in 43 thousand 173 i.e. 9.6 percent of the participants. All types of coffee were associated with a reduction in the incidence of heart disease. The lowest risk was seen with drinkers who drank two to three cups of coffee a day, which reduced their chances of heart disease by 6 percent decaffeinated, 20 percent ground, and 9 percent instant coffee, compared to abstaining from coffee.

Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire that asked how many cups of coffee they drank each day and whether they typically drink instant, ground (such as cappuccino or filtered coffee), or decaffeinated coffee.

what was the structure of the research,

In the research, 6 people were divided into groups of drinkers every day, no drinkers, less than one drinker, one drinker, two to three drinkers, four to five and more than five cups of coffee every day. Drinkers were involved. In the normal coffee group, 1 lakh 98 thousand 062 i.e. 44.1 percent, in instant coffee 82 thousand 575 i.e. 18.4 percent in ground, and 68 thousand 416 i.e. 15.2 percent in decaffeinated coffee and 1 lakh 510 i.e. 22.4 percent were non-coffee drinkers.

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