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Richard Liu, who is called Jeff Bezos of China, settled the famous Me Too case outside the court

Richard Liu Rape Case: Richard Liu, known as ‘Jeff Bezos’ of China, settled the most famous MeToo case outside the court. The billionaire was accused of rape by a 25-year-old Chinese-born student. A statement was also issued on Saturday from both the sides on this entire incident. The statement said that the incident that took place had led to some misunderstandings, which attracted public attention. Because of these, both the parties and their families had to suffer a lot.

It was also said in the statement that now both the parties have agreed to settle their differences to reduce this pain, so that no further legal battle has to be fought. The people of China are quite surprised after the famous Me Too case is settled. A large number of people are giving their feedback on social media.

Billionaire Liu issued a separate statement under his name, in which he apologized and expressed hope that his life and his work can return to normal as soon as possible. Liu referred to his wife, “Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to live to this day.” He continued, “I wish everyone a better tomorrow!”

What is the whole matter?

In August 2018, Liu alleged that Richard Liu had forcefully grabbed her on her way home from a Minneapolis restaurant and then raped her in the apartment. Richard Liu was attending an executive program at the University of Minnesota at the time, while Liu, who was then a graduate student, was participating in the program voluntarily. Let us tell you that, the company of Richard Liu, was also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

settlement after 4 years

In this case, Richard Liu was arrested on suspicion of rape in Minneapolis on the evening of August 31, 2018. Surprisingly, the very next day Richard Liu also got the bail. Liu denied all the allegations against him and said in a statement that the physical relationship was made with the consent of both. At the same time, after 4 years, this matter has been settled outside the court itself.

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