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Rift in Sharif family over new army chief in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s big attack, know who is ahead in the race

Islamabad: The political atmosphere has become very heated in Pakistan regarding the appointment of a new army chief. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had gone to London and met his brother Nawaz Sharif. It is being told that there was a dispute between the two brothers regarding the new army chief of the country. According to Pakistani media, now both Nawaz Sharif and Maryam will decide who will be the new army chief. According to sources, this time Nawaz Sharif is preparing to make the senior most general the army chief. Meanwhile, Imran Khan has also increased his pressure in view of this decisive opportunity.

Meanwhile, Lt Gen Asim Munir is technically the senior-most among the top generals in the race for the post of Army Chief of Pakistan. However, soon he is set to retire, with local media reports increasingly discussing Asim Munir. According to a Dawn report- Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif may in principle find a way to appoint General Munir as the next COAS, as he has the power to promote the lieutenant-general to the rank of four-star general (Army Chief) before retirement. That is, his career can be extended for three more years.
Decisions for Pakistan are being taken in London… Imran said – convicts and fugitives are choosing the new army chief
There is a huge lack of trust between the Sharif family and the army.
An insider told Dawn on the condition of anonymity, “Mian sahab feels that he should be the senior most person, but the other side has a different point of view. In the controversies that have marked General Bajwa’s successive tenure, Nawaz is aware that he needs to strike a balance. As Dawn reported, the source said with a laugh, “Chhota Sharif will do as per the order – by whom, I don’t know.”

The source said that while Nawaz Sharif is aware of the need, the question is whether the Prime Minister will be able to handle the pressure when the summary comes. Both sides have cards to play, but Nawaz Sharif is clear that a decision will be taken when the summary comes. Several factors are being considered by the Sharif brothers, reports Dawn. One, this appointment has serious consequences. Second, there is a huge trust deficit between him and the army. Meanwhile, Imran Khan has also increased his pressure on the army chief and said that thieves and dacoits cannot appoint a new army chief.



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