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Rishi Sunak can become the PM of Britain after the support of 140 MPs, if…

Rishi Sunak: After the announcement of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson being out of the race for the post of PM from the Conservative Party, the path to this post for Indian-origin Rishi Sunak now seems to be getting easier. has been. Former UK finance minister Rishi Sunak could become the next prime minister if Penny Mordaunt, who went against him, fails to garner 100 in her support.

At present, Penny Mordont has the support of 29 MPs. Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation in July this year and quit the prime minister’s office in September, pulled himself out of the race for the PM post just ahead of his nomination. In such a situation, if Mordont is not able to garner the support of 100 MPs by 2 pm local time on Monday, then Rishi Sunak will automatically become the Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak’s announcement

According to the rules announced on Thursday, only three Tory MPs will be able to run in the race, as the party has set a limit of 100 MPs for candidates, even on the ballot, and the party has a total of 357 MPs.

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The final two candidates will face rapid online votes from some 170,000 Tory members, with a new leader to be elected by next Friday. Announcing his official candidature yesterday, Rishi Sunak said his aim was to fix the economy, unite the party and “deliver for the country”.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak meeting

Boris Johnson and Sunak met last night amid speculation that there might be a deal between the two. The two met at a time when relations had soured due to Sunak’s role in Johnson’s downfall as prime minister.

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