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“Russia can attack NATO”…Putin called Biden’s statement nonsense

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Russian President Putin (left) and US President Joe Biden (right)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a powerful attack on American President Joe Biden. He has rubbished Joe Biden’s statement in which he claimed that Russia was planning an attack on NATO. After this statement of Biden came out, Putin has given his reaction on it. Vladimir Putin says Joe Biden’s comments about Russia planning to attack NATO are ‘complete nonsense’. He said that Russia has no interest in fighting the NATO military alliance.

There was a stir in NATO countries after Biden’s statement. Let us tell you that Russia has been fighting a war with Ukraine for the last 22 months. During this period, NATO countries and America are the biggest helpers of Ukraine. In such a situation, this comment of the American President had created panic in Europe and NATO countries. But now Putin has made his stand clear. He says he has no interest in fighting NATO countries.

Biden had claimed

This statement of Putin comes after Biden’s claim in which he talked about Russia planning to attack NATO countries. However, Biden did not present any clear evidence for his comments. “This is complete nonsense and I think President Biden understands that,” Putin said in an interview published Sunday by Rossiya state television. He said it was an attempt by Biden to justify his “wrong policy” on Russia. “Russia has no reason and no interest in fighting with NATO countries. It has no geopolitical interests, neither economic, political nor military.”

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