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Russia Drone Attack: Russian air strikes plunge Ukraine into darkness, 30 percent power grid stalled, people do not even have water

Kyiv: Russian airstrikes on Tuesday in Ukraine cut off electricity and water supplies to millions of people. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the attacks as part of an expanded Russian military operation intended to plunge the country into darkness and make peace talks impossible. Zelensky tweeted that nearly a third of Ukraine’s power stations had been destroyed in the past week, causing widespread power outages across the country. There is no room for a reconciliation deal with the Putin regime.

Russia is attacking with suicide drones
With the onset of winter, depriving people of electricity and water and increasing the use of suicide drones to hit targets with precision has emerged as Putin’s new war strategy. The air strikes seem to be aimed at breaking the spirit that the Ukrainian people have shown during the Russian offensive over the past eight months. Russian missiles and rockets are targeting vital installations not only in Ukraine’s frontiers, but also in other areas, and at times causing damage at speeds that are difficult to repair.

Russia attacked the city of Zhytomyr
Zhytomyr is the latest city in Ukraine to have lost electricity and water supplies due to Russian attacks. Zhytomyr, located about 140 km west of Kyiv, has several large military bases, industries and green areas. The population of this city is around 2.5 lakhs. According to regional officials, hospitals in Zhytomyr were forced to use ‘power backup’ after Tuesday’s double missile attack on a power station.

Russian missiles wreak havoc in Kyiv
Russian missiles destroyed two power stations and killed two people in the capital Kyiv, officials said. Operators of power stations said that the Russian attack has disrupted electricity supply to 50,000 people. Russian missiles also damaged power stations in the south-central city of Dnipro. In addition, Russian suicide drone planes set fire to several infrastructures in the Zaporizhzhya region. Russia used S-300 air defense missiles to attack the southern city of Mykolev.



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