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Russia furious over tank diplomacy of NATO countries, rain of missiles on Ukraine, 11 killed

Kyiv: Russian security forces targeted nearly a dozen provinces of Ukraine through missile and drone attacks early Thursday. At least 11 people died in these attacks. Alexander Khorundzhi, a spokesman for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, said on Ukrainian television that at least 11 people were also wounded in the attacks. Significantly, a day earlier, the US and Germany decided to give Ukraine high-powered tanks to help in the war, after which Russia made fresh attacks.

Mayor of Kyiv gave information
Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said one person died during the attacks, the first such death in the capital since New Year’s Eve. He said two other people were wounded in the Russian attack. Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv city administration, said the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed 15 missiles headed for the area. Authorities in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya province said three people were killed and seven wounded in an attack on an energy facility.

Russia is furious over the supply of tanks to Ukraine
Russia has expressed strong displeasure over the supply of tanks by NATO countries to Ukraine. The Russian ambassador to the US has warned that the tanks of NATO countries will be destroyed as easily as their other weapons. America has announced to give M1 Abrams tank to Ukraine, Germany to Leopard tank and Britain to give Challenger-2 tank.

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